Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Love Quotes

"Mitti meri kabr se churata hai koi, mar kar bhi yaad ata hai koi, ae khuda ek
pal ki jindagi aur de mujhe, udas meri kabr se jata hai koi"

"Raat gujri phir mehekti subah ayi, dil dhadka phir tumhari yaad ayi, aanko ne
mehsoos kiya uss hawa ko , jo tumhe chhukar hamare pass ayi."

"Love :
Its not the "presence" of something which brings "meaning" to life, but its the
way that "someone" touches ur heart which gives life a beautiful meaning.."

"What iS gr8 love ? Its wen u hide tears n still case 4 her . Its wen she
ignores u n u still LOVE her . Its wen she begins love another n u still SMILE"

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